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Boutique Affiliate Network with Gambling and betting offers for emerging markets.
our main geo: BR, TR, LATAM, South Asia - IN, BD, Africa.

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Affstream is an international affiliate network with a big variety of the best gambling
and betting offers for emerging markets, which provides reliable interaction between
advertisers and affiliates.

About us

Our team has over 15 years of experience in affiliate marketing and several successful
businesses in iGaming and other verticals, whereby we built strong multi-year relationships
with the best traffic teams and advertisers in the market.
Our primary objective is to deliver our affiliates premium and exclusive offers, access to all
necessary tools, and exceptional service. By doing so, we assist our partners in scaling their
revenue and allowing them to focus on their core strengths.

Here are some of the top reasons to join Affstream:
1. Fresh local and global offers for emerging markets. We provide high-demanded
and local offers WW with the main focus on emerging markets - Latam, South
Africa, South Asia, Tier 1 and Tier 2 Europe

2. 100+ offers for Brazil. Brazil holds a special place in our strategy. We recognize its
growth potential and are well-equipped to share our insights for success in this
dynamic market.

3. Expertise. The vast experience in affiliate marketing has given us an
understanding of the specifics of working with each traffic source and geo. We
know how you can get the maximum benefit from your traffic

4. Professional support. Our managers helped thousands of affiliates choose
profitable offers and scale traffic

5. In-house software solution. Convenient and dependable affiliate network tracking
system, real-time statistics, all types of integration, and the ability to quickly add
the necessary functionality on a partner request

6. Pricing Models: Affstream offers three flexible pricing models - CPA (Cost Per
Action), RevShare (Revenue Share), and Hybrid.

7. In-house media buying. We share our expertise and profitable angles, thoroughly
testing all offers before they are listed on our network

8. Individual conditions. We discuss individual conditions with each affiliate based
on their request and traffic source

Do you want to earn more and get some of the best converting offers? Would you like to
monetize your traffic that’s been approved by advertisers? Become our partner and start
earning with Affstream right now!

If you have any questions, you can ask managers via Telegram:

- Head of Affiliate –

or Skype:
Affiliate manager -
Chief Business Development Officer -

Email: [email protected]

Tools & Features

  • - In-house platform
  • - URL tracking
  • - Postback
  • - API


  • + In-house software solution
  • + Expertise
  • + Professional support
  • + Individual conditions
  • + Verified advertisers
  • + SaaS for advertisers
  • + In-house Media Buying team
  • + Advances for trusted partners
  • + High rates for offers
  • + Deep expertise in the countries we operate in - especially Brazill.

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