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Direct nutra advertiser Everad invites affiliates from all over the world to cooperate

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Everad is here! An international company with 10 years of experience and the best expertise on the market in the nutra vertical. This is confirmed not only by affiliates who have been working with us for years, but also by the awards that our company receives from year to year. 

Last year we received two awards confirming our leadership in the niche: the company was recognized as the best product affiliate program according to MAC Awards 2021, as well as the best affiliate program in the inside of the vertical according to Kinza Awards 2021. But it gets better! 

Therefore, we do not stand still and invite all affiliates from all over the world to cooperate in order to grow together and expand new horizons.

Geos around the world

Everad received these awards for a reason. We are a direct advertiser in the nutra, with 400+ own offers in more than 45 geos in Europe, Latin America and Asia. According to the plan, in 2022 we’ve opened new profitable geos like Nigeria, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Peru and will open more in 2023. We are constantly improving and working to ensure that our offers are in demand and provide top approval.

Attractive rates

And what about rates? We can say with confidence that we are growing exponentially, as are our rates. At the moment, our rates reach up to $49. Depending on the geo, you can get attractive offers in different directions. For example, in Baltic countries payouts on some of our offers reach up to $40, in Romania offers up to $37, in Italy — up to $45, in Saudi Arabia — up to $30, in Chile — up to $26 and in Mexico — up to $25. Feel free to write to our managers, they will select the best offers and rates for you.


The main advantage of our company is an integrated approach, where we manage every process from start till the end. All our offers are unique products on the market, and each of our employees is a true professional in what they do, which only strengthens a close-knit team. To make the best results around the world, our people work hand in hand. It is teamwork that gives the result that we are proud of. And that is why we have been delighting all affiliates around the world for 10 years.

Care for affiliates

In addition to attractive rates and popular offers, we take care of each of our affiliate partners. Our managers become real friends for every affiliate and are ready to help at any moment. In addition, we are proud of our sweetest support who are working 24/7.

Custom-developed CPA platform

Knowing the needs of our affiliates, we’ve created a platform according to the highest standards! You'll get real-time statistics, convenient reports, no click loss.


We always help our affiliates and not only in words: if you need translations for new geos, we will help: from creatives to landing text. In addition, this option is free.

Delivery to final customer

We are engaged in the delivery and order payment and it doesn't affect the commission of the affiliate. Our couriers are equipped with payment terminals and provide door to door delivery. How COD (cash on delivery) works:

Write to our managers, ask questions and let's go to the stars together with Everad!

Skype - live:everad24
Telegram chat - https://t.me/everad_official
E-mail address - [email protected]
FB community - https://www.facebook.com/everadgroup