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Review of the TOP 6 Platforms for Creating Affiliate Programs and Tracking Affiliate Traffic


Review of the TOP 6 Platforms for Creating Affiliate Programs and Tracking Affiliate Traffic

When it comes to choosing the right platform for creating affiliate programs, it is crucial to analyze several options at once. That’s exactly what we’ll do in this article, where we compare 6 services: Alanbase, Affilka, Cake, Affise, Scaleo, and Offer18. All in order to find the most advantageous and functional option.

Cost and Free Trial Period

When choosing a platform, the cost/functionality ratio is a crucial parameter. To make this aspect clearer, we have prepared a comparative table where we compare the trial period and the monthly usage cost:

The most cost-effective turned out to be Offer18. However, considering the cost/functionality parameter, Alanbase emerged as the most advantageous.

Migration to the Platform

It’s worth mentioning that all services are designed with the possibility of migrating to their platforms. The question is only how much time this process will take. We studied the integration time of different services based on user reviews, and here’s what we found:

The fastest integration process is with Alanbase, taking as little as one day if you don’t need to migrate and up to a week if migration is required.

Customization and Statistics

Almost all products and media buyers find it important to customize processes or interfaces to suit their needs. Each software offers different options for customizing the service, and we decided to compare which service is more flexible in program customization:

The choice between different affiliate programs depends heavily on the level of customization and flexibility required for specific business needs. A successful implementation example is Alanbase’s case for Profit House, a betting and gambling affiliate program with worldwide geotargeting.

For example, a CPA network works with many advertisers, including those who still reconcile manually in Excel tables. How to quickly get traffic efficiency data when collaborating with such advertisers? Specifically for Profit House, we developed data transfer using a combination of click id + tid, as explained here.

Profit House received a whole range of improvements: A/B tests with individual webmasters, data transfer of ad campaigns in Excel format, and automation of deposit status transfer. As a result, Profit House chose Alanbase and, considering all the enhancements, was able to transfer everything in 3 months.

Cohort Analysis

Long payment waiting times, especially in the gambling and betting industry, can significantly impact revenue. Cohort analysis makes it easy to observe changes.

Let’s consider this feature using an example. A customer arrives, pays $100, and the media buyer gets a conditional 10%. After 2 months, the customer increases their payment to $2,000—such a change can be easily seen using cohort analysis, available on the Alanbase platform.

The platform also helps products using the CPA model optimize expenses. If traffic from a partner is always limited to the first bet, and traffic from others shows activity for several more months, cohort analysis will show this. Companies can make informed decisions about affiliate relationships.

At the same time, Affilka, Cake, Affise, Scaleo, and Offer18 lack such a function.

Event Tracking

Alanbase supports event tracking and the setting of smart goals, allowing companies to track not only conversions but also events leading to them. This approach is considered a key tool for optimizing affiliate campaigns and increasing their efficiency.

In most services, you can only monitor information based on pre-configured, standard events. Alanbase allows you to create custom formulas, including moving away from paying for clicks and deposits. Affilka, Cake, Affise, Scaleo, and Offer18 have limitations on goals and events based on common conditions.

Quick and to the point:

We’ve covered all the important points to consider when choosing an affiliate program. Now, let’s look at the advantages of each platform so you can choose the software that suits your needs:

Other advantages of Alanbase and the benefits of using it:

Distributed Statistics: Alanbase allows you to create multiple statistics within one dashboard and configure distributed access for admins and partners. This is unique to Alanbase, and it’s beneficial if you have multiple projects within your holding.

Simple and User-Friendly Interface: The platform ensures maximum efficiency in managing ad campaigns. The interface is easy to navigate, without unnecessary buttons and filters, making it suitable even for beginners.

Real-Time Statistics: Alanbase is the only platform that displays data instantly, not just once a day or more, as in other services.

Advanced Offer Management: Easily create landing pages, promotional materials, and choose payment forms such as CPC, CPA, or Revshare. Manage public, private, and pre-moderated offers according to your preferences.

Customizable Dashboards: Alanbase allows the creation of customizable dashboards for monitoring key metrics in real-time. This enables companies to track campaign performance and make data-driven decisions swiftly.

Referral Program: Alanbase supports referral programs, helping companies attract new partners and increase affiliate traffic, ultimately expanding their network and boosting profits.

A/B Testing: A/B testing is available in Alanbase, allowing you to identify the best strategies and tactics to achieve your goals. This improves campaign results and increases conversion rates.

So what should I choose?

Considering the statistics, user reviews, and cost, Alanbase remains the optimal choice. The platform provides all the necessary features, from customization to event tracking and smart goals. You can also take advantage of the 14-day free trial to test all the benefits and functionality before deciding to stay with the service or move on.

When choosing a platform for creating an affiliate program or a tracker for affiliate traffic, consider the need for customization and integration, budget, specific requirements, and then make your decision. While opting for the most budget-friendly option with minimal features might seem appealing initially, as your business grows, it may prove insufficient. Therefore, when choosing, also look a bit further to avoid spending weeks or months on a massive migration later on.