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How to make $100 per day with CPA Marketing


For those who find affiliate marketing interesting or worth the work you have to invest into it, it can end up being an excellent way to make easy money while you sit at home. CPA Marketing is Cost per acquisition marketing, which means that when anyone clicks a link on your website (the affiliate link) and performs an action, you are paid accordingly. This action could range from something as simple as filling out a form on that website or signing up for a free trial perhaps, to buying a product or a service on that website.

This may seem easy enough when you read about it, but finding the perfect offer that works with your website can be tough. It all depends on what your website is about, what sort of traffic is generated on your website, what the quality of tat traffic is, and what the probability is that your readers and viewers will clink on the affiliate link on the website and perform an action.

Here are some things you need to do before you even consider CPA Marketing:

  1. 1. Sign up to be an affiliate of a CPA Network

This will obviously go along with what your website is about and whether or not you have a reader base that trusts your word enough to click on a link on your recommendation.

The best CPA Networks to look into are mainly Peerfly, CPALead, AdmitAd (find more here: http://www.best-affiliate-programs.net/ranking-tag/cpa)
  1. 2. Choose the offer that is best for you

This, of course, sounds easier than it is. Depending on what your website deals with and the amount of traffic that you get, your choice of an offer can and should vary significantly. So understand your website and traffic thoroughly before choosing an offer that best suits you, your goals, and your website.

A link that can help you find different offers and CPA marketing opportunities is http://www.best-affiliate-programs.net/affiliate-programs-directory/model.cpa
  1. 3. Work with your affiliate manager

When you sign up for these CPA Networks and Affiliate marketing sites, you are assigned a manager that stays in touch with you via email or the website. It is imperative that you make an effort to learn from the manager and listen to what they have to say. They can show you the best offers available and guide you as to how to best utilize them as well.

Tips and tricks to help you on your journey to being a CPA Marketer

CPA Marketing is not an easy domain, but if you work smartly enough, it is very lucrative. To help you out regarding the dos and the don'ts as well as extra tips and tricks that will give you leverage and help you on this journey, here is a list:
  1. Tip 1. Do not be miserly!

The campaigns you run or the products you promote via the affiliate links and advertisements that are on your website are all great ways to make money. However, you can never make money if you refuse to spend it.
Learn to invest in your campaigns, and this will end up being perfect for you in the long run. Campaign building and designing etc. can end up being rather expensive, which is why it is necessary to set a good goal and a budget before you start. The more you invest into creating a good campaign for an offer, the better results you’ll see. What happens when you start investing in your website, and your campaigns is that you end up generating more traffic. Out of this generated traffic, you automatically have more people who end up trusting you enough to click on the link and perform an action, thereby making you money while you sit in the comfort of your home.
  1. Tip 2. Provide enticing content

The reason you will generate traffic more is by giving regular and good content to your readers. If for example, you are aiming to review products and then provide links to the website from which to buy them, you MUST make sure that you are honest. You readers can tell when false praise is being churned out and it is imperative that you remain as true to them as possible.

This will do two main things:
1. It will ensure that your readers trust you.
  • When your review of a product aligns with other reviews, and also their experience of the product or service should they end up purchasing it, then your readers will recognize that you are honest with them and will end up trusting you even more.

2. When they end up trusting you, they will put more faith into your recommendations
  • If your content has proven to be authentic and worthwhile, then they will automatically refer to your website, your reviews and your affiliate links for other products as well.

This will end up earning you more and higher quality traffic in the long run which will mean higher revenues from CPA Marketing.

The best methods of providing such content are social media, YouTube, and blogs, etc. All these have the most outreach, and the most amount of affiliate link success as well.
  1. Tip 3. PPC is your best friend

If you have a newer website or are looking to drive a lot more traffic to the offers on your site, then Pay-per-click is your best friend. This will ensure a lot more traffic being generated, and once you have enough high-quality traffic, you can thereby get more revenue from CPA offers that you post.
Buying traffic can also help you out with earning more revenue. Try to invest in acquiring traffic to your site, and this will make sure that you have more chances of your traffic clicking on the links provided and performing the action needed.
  1. Tip 4. Don’t just focus on one CPA Offer

If you are looking to make around or more than $100 per day, then it is best for you to promote more than one offer on your website.
These sort of CPA offers are categorized by how much they pay and what sort of products and services they promote. Choose the ones best suited to your website content and traffic, and try to promote 2-3 if you are just starting out. Some CPA Marketers promote more than 10 at a time and run campaigns for multiple. They end up making over $30,000 per month.
For people who are just starting out with CPA Marketing, managing 10 different CPA Offers is going to be a bit problematic. It is recommended that you start with 2-3 and gradually increase the number as you gain more experience.
  1. Tip 5. Choose your offer carefully

When you have built trust with your viewers or are aiming to do so, providing a link to a site with an unattractive landing page will accomplish absolutely nothing for you. Try to choose an offer that directs your viewers to a landing page that is attractive enough for the viewer to go forward with purchasing the product or service, or performing whatever action is needed. Such small details may seem outwardly negligible but can make all the difference. Similarly, choose offers that reflect the interest of your viewers as well as the content you have posted.
  1. Tip 6. Research is great, but the action is better.

Spending all your time researching offers and trying to formulate plans might sound like a right course of action, but it isn't. Stop overthinking everything and go through with it The only way to learn is to test out different offers and see what makes you more money.
  1. Tip 7. Aim for the best

A goal of $100 per day is great, but it shouldn’t be what all your hard work and all your campaigns all aim up to accomplish. Try to set a higher goal and cater your campaigns and affiliate offers to reach that higher goal. If you want to make a minimum $100 per day, try catering all your campaigns and offers to make you $300 per day or even more ideally. This will give you a good margin in case some things do not work out as planned, and if they do then that's the best thing that could happen.

CPA Marketing is, in essence, a great way for you to monetize your website and use the traffic that you're already getting to make easy money. If done correctly, it can end up being your primary source of income as well. Most just tend to use this method to earn some extra cash on the side. It may seem easy and rather effective, but it can take a lot of time and money investment to get to a point where you make money from CPA Marketing. What you need to remember is that you need to start with the basics, and then work towards building a good business with CPA Marketing. All the tips and tricks stated above will ensure that your road to earning $100 per day with CPA Marketing is as smooth as possible.