Lgaming - ecosystem and afiiliate program

Affiliate Program Details

  • status: active
  • currency: USD
  • update: 2024-06-23
  • offers: 500+ offers

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Affiliate Program Description

LGaming is an ecosystem and affiliate program in the gambling and betting verticals. The ecosystem in our case is access to the tools for effective arbitrage without leaving the website. Everything you need is in one place.

LGaming was created by a team that has been in the gambling industry for more than three years and knows what it takes to get really good profits in arbitrage.

Here's what we offer:
- Gambling and betting verticals
- 500+ offers — only the best bookmakers and casinos
- BetAndreas — exclusive casino & betting offers
- Worldwide coverage — our campaigns are active worldwide
- Payouts on demand from $50
- VIP service — our managers will find the right offer for you to match your traffic source
- App rental & spy service
- Virtual cards to pay for your promotional targets