2016-12-29 21:44:28

Content Locking: Best Strategies to make Money Online


As much as the Internet is filled with gibberish and misguided advice of various ways that a person can make a few bucks online, there are some legitimate ways in which a person can take advantage of and earn a few dollars online. 

Cost Per Action (CPA) marketing is one of them. CPA marketing is a diverse branch of online marketing that regards the specific actions that a web visitor should complete in order for you to earn a commission. Among the actions that can earn you a decent commission is content locking

To understand content locking, you must identify the ideology behind the concept of locking content. Generally, today, we live in the information age. Information is vital and helps us to unlock our potentials and discover opportunities within our reach. The Internet provides web visitors the opportunity to discover valuable content that has been published by others online. Nevertheless, the Internet is so broad that web visitors are bound to find some misguided content that has been published while they are looking for particular content, guide, or tutorial which offers valuable information. 

As a web master, if you happen to own such content that web visitors are seeking, you could decide to lock it using special JS scripts provided by a CPA affiliate networks that you belong to, such as PeerFly or CPALead. Once your content is locked, the web visitors will be forced to complete a CPA offer in order to access the content that you have locked. For every CPA offer completed by a web visitor, you will earn a certain commission that will be paid by your CPA affiliate network.

How Content Locking Works

Visitors to a website or blog may be forced to complete different CPA offers to unlock content behind a locker (commonly referred to as a gateway). The offer to be completed usually depends on the location of a person. In most cases, a person may be required to fill in a survey, submit an email address, short form submits, or sign up for a free trial of a product or service just to mention a few. The content behind a gateway could be, written content that has been published on a website, a free eBook, free music download, a computer program to download or a recorded video tutorial.

As a web master you need to capitalize on the traffic visiting your website or blog to fill out the CPA offers so that they can unlock the content. For instance you could create an e-Book about the "Best Paleo Diets" that you offer to your visitors freely, but you decide to lock it so that users to your websites will have to fill in a CPA offer to download the free e-Book. 

The success of content locking depends on the traffic that visits your website. However, most web visitors are usually worried about submitting their email addresses or personal details online. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that you create quality and valuable content that visitors will be willing to complete a CPA offer in order to access it. This can be tricky, but with a little experience and guidance, any web master can be successful. Below are some proven and actionable tips to enable you to become profitable in content locking.

Develop Content on Trending Topics

For you to develop trending content, you must be up-to-date with the current news around the world. You need to be timely and ensure that you are among the first to publish such content on your site.  Some examples of trending topics include the recent Brexit in the UK or the election of Donald Trump as the 45th president of USA.

All you need to do is to ensure that you find content that people are searching. A quick look at Google Trends will help you know the topics that are trending on the Internet. You need to publish similar content. However, you should always ensure that your content is unique and original for SEO purposes.

Create Valuable Information Products

We live in the information age. Most web users are after information which can help them to better their lifestyles, increase productivity or a manual with information on how to execute a task. The simple thing that you need to know is that these web users don't want to waste time searching the same information from different sources over the Internet. Again, most of the web content online usually covers only a portion of the whole information that pertains to a particular subject. If you are able to put together a tutorial or a guide that covers an entire subject, say, ‘The Complete Guide to Paleo Dieting', you will be in a position to receive more downloads for your content because it covers the entire concept of Paleo dieting. This means that visitors will be willing to trade their time to complete the offers in order to obtain the eBook on Paleo Dieting.

You could also develop video tutorials, infographics or any content that you believe will be appealing to your visitors. 
However, avoid creating sub-standard content, like rewritten PLRs that could turn your visitors off. Be consistent and insist in genuine and valuable content.

Optimize your Website Content for Search Engines

It should be understood that all the content that you publish on your website or blog should be optimized for search engines. This enables your content to rank on search engines hence the ability to tap free traffic of users looking for particular content.

However, the keywords that users search on search engines to find your content is the most important dimension of the whole optimization process. You need to have expertise in keyword research to know the exact keywords that are hot and used frequently by users. As much as frequently searched keywords are competitive, you still can manage to unearth some ‘gems' that will enable you to rank highly for competitive keywords hence the ability to tap free traffic.

Tap the Power of Social Media

Today, most of the trending topics and hot topics are discovered and shared through social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest just to mention a few. You also need to create an influence on these platforms and have a good following. Essentially, you want to post click baits as well as information that gets social media users to visit your site as well as share your social media content with friends. If done tactfully, this strategy can lead to increased web visitors thus creating an opportunity to make money with your locked content.

Developing Creative and Interesting Videos

Video content has been arguably receiving a considerably bigger number of views than written content. This is because videos can practically review to viewers the exact methods, tricks, and processes that viewers are searching. Therefore, you have a written tutorial on your website; you could enhance it with a recorded video on the same subject. The video could be locked, and a person who was searching for information and read the written content will be more than willing to watch the view to get a better understanding of the content.

You could also publish interesting videos such as the popular cat videos or comic videos that we often view on YouTube.

Create Emotional and Fun Content

People are ever carried away by emotions. Content that evokes emotions or fun is more likely to receive many visitors. As a web master, you want to capitalize on these visitors to earn money by locking the content. If you have developed catchy headlines or published nice video tutorials, visitors might get interested to complete the CPA offer so that they can unlock the content.

Bottom Line

If you are seeking to earn money through content locking, you should be ready to research and find out the best ways to get visitors to view your content. That said, your content should be top-notch and offer valuable information that the visitors are looking for. It is never advised to use copyrighted material such as movies or music to entice people to download them by completing a CPA offer as this may get you on the wrong side of the law. 

Be creative with your content, and you will end up laughing all the way to the bank.