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Everad is a global direct advertiser and CPA network in Nutra vertical.

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Everad is one of the biggest and most experienced affiliate networks that work in the health & beauty niche. With six years of expertise, we can produce converting offers for any country that means that EPC, by default, will always be ultra-high.

We work with high ticket niches and great profitable offers (diet, skin care, health & beauty, vitamins & supplements, adult, etc.) and launch over 5 new offers every month. Although, all the current offers don't run down and can be used for years, So you can drive traffic on them for a long time and still get a stable income.

Over the past six years we've reached a truly global level. We cover the markets of the CIS, Europe, and Asia under one brand Everad. The same pro team is responsible for all the existing development directions. Now we have 40 geos covered! And you can be sure that all our features, call-centers professionalism, and communication with AMs will be equally good, no matter what country you're in and what geo you are working on.

Brief general summary:
-Over 100 in-house COD offers
-Highest payouts in industry
-Daily payments (No hold!)
-Own local call-centers 24/7
-Native promo creation
-Wide geography
-Absolutely best AMs
-5000+ active affiliates

Possible bonuses:
- Plus 30% to default payout with Boost feature
- Individual terms for trusted affiliates
- Free translation of landings and creatives in foreign languages
- Decent prizes for contest winners (e.g. Porsche Panamera)
- Sharing success cases and insights

We constantly invest money not only in exploring new markets, but also in developing admin panel features. We have our own dashboard that is powerful and easy to manage. All tracking is in-house! Which means there won’t be any click loss.

Everad’s latest news and trends:

We launched in the Thailand geo with the highest payouts in the industry. Our products are perfectly suited for the local market so we can afford to give our partners the highest commissions: starting from $16 up tp $30.
In our own call-center based in Thailand we have local Thai experts in sales, hence resulting in higher conversion rates. Also, we adapted our unique sales scripts in accordance with the Thai mentality. We did the same with promotional materials: only native translation in order to maximize your conversion. Publishers can use our huge portfolio of pre-lands/laners or ask Everad's team to create unique advertisements/order high-quality adaptation of promo.

Now you have the ultimate reasons to work with us.

Any questions? Feel free to contact:
skype: supporteverad
telegram: @Everad_Support
email: [email protected]


Tools & Features

  • - Domain parking
  • - Postback URL


  • + daily payments via Epayments, WebMoney, PayPal, wire
  • + master accounts for team work
  • + over 5 new offers monthly
  • + 5000+ active affiliates
  • + instant payments
  • + in-house platform and tracking
  • + unbeatable high commissions
  • + world-class approve over 60%
  • + 24/7 local call-centers
  • + 40+ geos
  • + over 100 in-house COD offers
  • + 6 years on nutra market


  • - High (100$) minimum payment threshold

Everad Average Rating

General impression, satisfaction 6

Payment frequency and reliability 6

Customer support 6

User interface 6

Advertisers - amount, quality 6

Variety in partner programs and industries 6

Amount of new programs per month 6

Commission rates 6

Registration process 6

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Everad Reviews & Ratings

A genuinely good affiliate program. It has everything you need for stable traffic driving. I am increasing my volumes, they already bumped my pay. The conditions are decent, but copyrighted goods are not mainstream. I noticed shortcomings only in terms of the call center. But pretty sure that issue is a thing of the past
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I switched over to Everad from another program and haven't regreted it once. The thing that attracted to this ap was the high approve rate. An second - the support team. Everything's just like clockwork, you have no idea how much time that saves. I noticed that for some offers they pay less than some competitiors, but overal you still make more. If your traffic is high quality - go ahead and request a bump. In short, I am satisfied, gonna keep on testing
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I've never regretted that I started to work with Everad. Now, on a daily basis, I redirect almost 80% of the traffic there. Their exclusive COD offers and competently made landings work perfectly well. Call centers with native speakers for different GEOs promptly process all applications, which is confirmed by a consistently high percentage of approve. And they always give an opportunity to agree on an individual rate.
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Usually affiliate programs promise a lot, but in fact, you get nothing. But it's not about Everad. They give me everything so that I can get what I need and even more. Best in-house COD offers for every traffic source, responsible AMs and call centers, great conversion rates. Their level of payments fully justifies all my work efforts as well as there is no delay in payouts. Highly recommended.
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