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Since 2012, SalesDoubler, the international affiliate network, has been nurturing partnerships between advertisers and publishers using its CPA-based platform. Our proficiency spans a diverse range of industries, encompassing Fintech, E-commerce, Services, Education, and Crypto. Additionally, we proudly hold the esteemed position of being the #1 affiliate network in Ukraine.

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SalesDoubler is a global affiliate network that was made in Ukraine. Realizing collaboration between advertisers and publishers through its performance-based CPA platform: company offers a variety of advantages for all partners. The network has over 5 verticals: Finance, E-commerce, Online Services, Crypto, Travel, and Education. Affiliates can find campaigns from more than 20+ countries, so for sure you will be able to find there something interesting.

You can earn with SalesDoubler 24/7. The network has operated for over 10 years, so it is already a reliable partner for many affiliates and advertisers. More than 300+ advertisers and 1000+ active affiliates are already with us. As for the payouts, you can get money ASAP (1,2,3,4 times per month) when your conversions are approved by advertisers: with an invoice, PayPal, Crypto, or other methods. SalesDoubler works with website and app products for CPI, CPL, CPR, CPA, CPS, Hybrid, and other models.

SalesDoubler makes it easy for people to earn money by connecting them with advertisers looking to promote their products or services. As an affiliate, you can choose from a wide range of programs that align with your interests and expertise, giving you the flexibility to promote what you're passionate about. With a performance-based model, you get paid when your efforts lead to actions like sales or sign-ups, minimizing your financial risk. Additionally, SalesDoubler offers exciting promotions and contests with enticing prizes, motivating you to put in extra effort and earn more. Plus, they provide a wealth of educational resources to help you sharpen your skills and enhance your earnings potential. In a nutshell, SalesDoubler empowers people to earn money by offering a rewarding, diverse, and supportive platform.

SalesDoubler affiliate network makes your big goals achievable!

Tools & Features

  • - Global Postback, etc
  • - Autofunnel SMS;
  • - CPAPI;
  • - FB Integration;
  • - GA Integration;
  • - Domain Parking;
  • - SMS Sender;
  • - Affiliate API;
  • - Comparison Site Constructor;


  • + Diverse Programs: SalesDoubler hosts diverse affiliate programs, allowing affiliates to choose what suits them best.
  • + Support Team: many companies work mainly with tickets, we have also individual support with all our affiliates and advertisers;
  • + Rewarding Promotions: SalesDoubler offers lucrative promotions that motivate affiliates to excel;
  • + Performance-Based Approach: The CPA model ensures advertisers get paid only when actions like sales or leads occur, reducing financial risk;
  • + Global Reach: SalesDoubler's is an international affiliate network with the TOP campaigns in more than 20 countries;


  • - SalesDoubler in multivertical network only in Ukraine, on other markets company mainly work only with Finance niches.

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