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Better payouts, weekly payments, and more offers. Whether you're a super-affiliate or it's your first year in online marketing, you will automatically enjoy a 5-star personal approach. Unlike most affiliate networks that give the VIP treatment to their favorite affiliates, GuruMedia has made the VIP treatment our standard for every affiliate. Enjoy a dedicated support chat room with direct access to the management team, plus custom payouts, weekly payments and offers on-demand. GuruMedia has been in business since 2010, and has paid out more than $150 million to affiliates from all over the world.



  • + 1500+ offers
  • + 35+ verticals
  • + Weekly payments
  • + VIP support
  • + Pixel audits

GuruMedia Average Rating

General impression, satisfaction 3

Payment frequency and reliability 3

Customer support 3

User interface 3

Advertisers - amount, quality 3

Variety in partner programs and industries 3

Amount of new programs per month 3

Commission rates 3

Registration process 3

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