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admitad is a global network of Cost-Per-Action affiliate programs. It has worldwide traffic and works with international offers. Currently it supports over 1300 affiliate programs and 540000 publishers trust the company. Publisher types include a wide spectrum from cashback and coupon sites; marketplaces such as content sites or comparison sites; bloggers and vloggers, including YouTube; e-mailing publishers, social networks and other platforms for retargeting; and, of course, popup or click under toolbars with banner and teaser networks.

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Admitad Affiliate is a global affiliate network that helps advertisers boost online sales and gives publishers an opportunity to monetize their traffic.

Admitad Affiliate was established in 2009 and currently it serves over 2,000 advertisers and cooperates with over 800,000 publishers who brought more than 162 million target actions on Admitad customers’ websites in 2020 alone.

Our product categories include E-commerce, Finance, Online games, Mobile applications, Online services and Mobility market.

If you want to earn money online, boost your sales and work with top brands from around the world, then Admitad Affiliate is exactly what you are looking for.

Our solutions for you:
- A huge range of big and small merchants to choose from. By joining Admitad Affiliate you’ll get access to a massive selection of products in multiple categories: ecommerce, finance, travel, online services etc.
- Faster and more consistent payments. Whereas most of the affiliate networks follow a monthly payment schedule, Admitad Affiliate has a weekly pattern. The Instant Pay tool allows you to get your money ready for withdrawal within 24 hours. At the moment Admitad Affiliate supports 6 payment methods: bank account, bank card, PayPal, WebMoney, ePayments, and - Payoneer.The minimum withdrawal amount is $20.
- Admitad’s Affiliate referral program to encourage you to bring new publishers into the system. The best performers are able to increase their commission rates.
- Transparent data. After joining Admitad Affiliate, you’ll get a comprehensive dashboard that allows you to easily track your sales activity, monitor which campaigns are performing well, and generate reports at any given time. This allows you to optimize your affiliate marketing easily, saving you time and budget.
- TM+ opportunities and exclusive terms. Our account managers individually negotiate exclusive terms to help you improve your brand reputation and representation on search engine results. Send us a request at [email protected].
- Easy-to-use platform that is designed to make managing affiliate campaigns easy. With clear, consistent labels and layouts, a wide range of simple but effective tools and features, as well as a full reporting suite, the Admitad Affiliate platform is designed to aid any marketing operation, whether an individual blogger or influencer, or a full digital marketing team.
- Personal approach. Admitad Affiliate assigns each client an expert and dedicated account manager to deal with all the queries (in your native language). They solve every problem which clients face and assist them with campaign optimization. There are also expert support teams in place to aid with any technical issues. And for our top e-commerce sellers, there are exclusive coupons & codes which are perfect when working with opinion-makers on social media.
- Admitad Academy to educate its clients and partners on a regular basis. Admitad Academy does just that: provides free training courses for beginners , launches on-demand webinars, etc. The Academy is designed to educate advertisers and publishers, share in-depth guides, advanced tips, and marketing insights

We welcome you to start working with us. We would be happy to answer all your questions about Admitad Affiliate products and features which can be taken advantage of. For all enquiries feel free to contact us at [email protected].
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Tools & Features

  • - Admitad Extensions
  • - Broken Links
  • - Domain Parking
  • - Deeplink Generator
  • - Coupons & Deals
  • - Postback URL
  • - Link Checker
  • - AdServer


  • + Tools & Search
  • + Quite low minimum payout - $20
  • + Modern control panel with lots of good data
  • + Weekly payment
  • + Fresh on the market = caring about customers


  • - Translation problems

admitad Average Rating

General impression, satisfaction 3.3

Payment frequency and reliability 3.6

Customer support 3.6

User interface 3.7

Advertisers - amount, quality 3.7

Variety in partner programs and industries 2.9

Amount of new programs per month 3.5

Commission rates 3.3

Registration process 3.5

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Guys! Finish the translation! I had to use google translate far too often.
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