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CueLinks is a 2-minute Content Monetization tool for bloggers, deal site owners, coupon sites, forum owners or any publishers or in fact, any websites which sends outbound traffic to online shopping, travel, finance or matrimony websites. We help publishers monetize their content in an effective manner and with minimal efforts from their end.

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Our Past Experience
CueLinks was born because we are ourselves a publisher and we realized the need to have a better link management and reporting solution for common problems faced by any publisher, big or small.

Tools and features:
1) Aggregated Reporting
2) Two Minute Installation
3) 200+ Merchants and counting
4) Lifetime Link Management
5) Cuelinks API
500 Rs is threshold.

Too much efforts to earn Revenue
Affiliate Marketing takes significant efforts for any publisher as it involves a lot of interaction with merchants and affiliate networks for payments, campaign updates, reporting and so on. The publisher also needs to understand affiliate marketing concepts like deep-linking, sub id tracking and also need to create and insert ugly looking affiliate links on their websites which reduces the click-through ratio further for any publisher. CueLinks eliminates all of these problems and hence the platform has been launched to cater those needs.

To Serve the Indian Affiliate Market:
We wanted to help Indian publishers like us, earn more revenue by providing them the right technology and help them monetize their amazing content. We already work with largest number of direct merchants and affiliate networks in India.



Tools & Features

  • - API integration
  • - Single Point of Payout


  • + 200+ Merchants under one roof
  • + Aggregated Reporting


  • - not an affiliate network

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