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Affiliate2Day is a leading affiliate network, which offers to its partners profitable programs with high commissions, regular payments, free registration, high-quality marketing tools and professional support.

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Affiliate2Day is a widely known international affiliate network for 2Day’s group of websites. It was created in 2008 and since then it has developed into a top respected and reliable platform, which allows the affiliates, bloggers and independent publishers earning funds on the dating traffic. The partners are offered the highest commissions on three profitable affiliate programs:

  • Pay Per Sale – 25% of sales amount + $25 sign-up bonus

  • Pay Per Lead – $6 - $8 for each lead

  • Pay Per First Order - $150 - $250.

The registration of Affiliate2Day website is totally free. The network guarantees fair and high payouts, which are made regularly, once a month for the previous month. The participants of the affiliate programs are provided with constant professional support and assistance; at their disposal there is a wide range of marketing tools (links, banners etc.) and a constant access to the detailed and real-time statistics with iDevAffiliate tracking platform.

The Affiliate2Day affiliate network is permanently developing and improving. It achieves prominence and popularity as one of the leading affiliate partnership programs all over the world and the number of its partners is increasing day by day.



Tools & Features

  • - Postback links
  • - Custom tracking links
  • - Tier Linking Code
  • - Text Links
  • - Banners
  • - Text Ads
  • - HTML Ads
  • - E-mail Templates
  • - E-mail Links


  • + Sin up bonus $25
  • + High commission rates
  • + Regular payouts
  • + Free registration in the system
  • + Professional approach to each partner
  • + Wide range of marketing tools (banners, links, text ads etc.)
  • + Real-time statistics with IDevAffiliate, the official Affiliate2Day’s tracking platform.


  • - Payments once a month only
  • - A minimum payout of $50
  • - Only one program available for one account. To participate in other programs, a partner has to create new accounts.

Affiliate2Day Average Rating

General impression, satisfaction 5

Payment frequency and reliability 0.5

Customer support 3.5

User interface 3

Advertisers - amount, quality 3

Variety in partner programs and industries 1

Amount of new programs per month 0.5

Commission rates 3.5

Registration process 3

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Affiliate2Day Reviews & Ratings

I was excited to see that you offer a Sign up bonus.
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Jesus Lozano