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TradeTracker Estonia

TradeTracker (Estonia) is the best european affiliate network. The strength of TradeTracker lies in its ability to efficiently realise turnover growth for its clients. TradeTracker differentiates itself from other suppliers by its unique approach of pro-actively ‘thinking with the client’ and its passion for client service.

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TradeTracker (Estonia) is the best european network available in many languages and covering many markets.
The registration process is quick, straightforward and leads to a nice admin panel with all crucial information gathered in one central place.
The tracking tools for publishers include visible advertiser fees which is quite rare and makes everything slightly more transparent.
The minimum payment threshold is relatively low (around 20euro) and the commission is payed out quickly.


Tools & Features

  • - Consumer Offfers
  • - Voucher Codes
  • - Link generator
  • - Rotators
  • - Product feeds
  • - PageTools
  • - API - webservice


  • + Good admin panel
  • + Quite low minimal payout threshold ~ 20euro
  • + Transparent advertiser and publisher fees and commission.
  • + Quick payment process


  • - Accounts are not set as international by default.

TradeTracker Estonia Average Rating

General impression, satisfaction 1

Payment frequency and reliability 1

Customer support 1

User interface 0.5

Advertisers - amount, quality 0.5

Variety in partner programs and industries 1.5

Amount of new programs per month 1

Commission rates 3

Registration process 0.5

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TradeTracker Estonia Reviews & Ratings

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