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Boost Your Dating Offers with Mirelia Networks - A Leading Self-Service Demand-Side Platform

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If you're actively promoting dating options and aiming for the best possible outcomes, it's time to contemplate Mirelia Networks as your go-to solution. As a self-service demand-side platform, Mirelia Networks excels in delivering premium dating traffic from members' areas. With over ten years of experience in affiliate marketing and deep knowledge of digital ad tech solutions, their team can significantly boost your return on investment (ROI). Let's delve into the statistics that demonstrate their success.


Currently, Mirelia Networks receives an impressive 1.5 billion monthly impressions and 30 million hits. Their extensive network comprises unique members-only sites in 20+ tier 1 GEOs, attracting 1.5 million daily users. This translates into a substantial volume of highly converting traffic from members' areas, ensuring maximum exposure for your campaigns. By eliminating publisher commissions, Mirelia Networks enables affiliates to enjoy significant rewards and access premium adult traffic at affordable rates. Notably, 90% of their traffic comes from mobile users, with the remaining 10% distributed evenly between desktops and tablets. As a result, Mirelia Networks stands out as a significant traffic generator in the adult dating sector.


Cooperation Options:

Advertisers can purchase traffic from Mirelia Networks using two distinct business models: CPM and CPC (CPC availability upon contact with your manager). The CPC model caters specifically to dating-related offers, expanding your marketing opportunities to include, phone sex, games, adult paysites, dating, and cams when working on CPM.


Ad Formats:

Mirelia Networks offers the following practical ad formats for maximum engagement:

  1. Native Interstitials: Placed between content locations, these interactive advertisements captivate mobile app users, driving their interest.

  2. Display Banners: Positioned at the top or bottom of the page's content, these banners convey direct messages and include compelling call-to-action elements.

  3. Native Ads: With high conversion rates, native ads seamlessly blend with the host websites' style and content, utilizing engaging headlines and graphics.


Advantages for Advertisers:

When partnering with Mirelia Networks, you can expect the following advantages:

  • 24/7 dedicated customer support to address any queries or concerns.

  • Seamless integration through RTB, API, and white label solutions.

  • Robust security measures, including alert systems and anti-fraud software.

  • Competitive rates for tier 1 GEOs, ensuring optimal cost-effectiveness.

  • User-friendly platform for easy campaign management.

  • Swift campaign approvals to expedite your advertising efforts.

  • High-quality traffic that ensures maximum exposure and engagement for your campaigns.


Contact Mirelia Networks:

To discuss cooperation or clarify any inquiries, please reach out to us using the following contact details: