Jeremy Clarkson Bitcoin (UK) (CPS) (Personal Approval)

Affiliate Program Details

  • status: active
  • currency: usd
  • update: 2024-05-22
  • stop_at:
  • click session: 1y
  • minimal click session: 0s
  • required approval: 1
  • strictly country: yes
  • is cpi: no
  • consider personal targeting only: no
  • hosts only: no
  • use https: yes
  • use http: yes
  • uniq ip only: yes
  • reject not uniq ip: yes
  • sign clicks integration: no_sign

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Affiliate Program Description

Description: Casino 

Requirements:  Requires $250 min deposit to trigger commission.

Allowed Methods of Promotion: Email, Display, Search, Social, Native

Restrictions: No Incent, No Fraud, No Adult, No Bot, No Content locking, No Misleading, No Hoax, No Pop

Age targeting: 21+