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TerraLeads is the first CPA Hub aligning merchants, network and publishers all together and making them work as one. Once you become a partner of the hub, you become a part of the powerful eco-system providing the products that sell themselves as they meet the highest European standards. You are also provided with a consistent support throughout the complete sales journey.

2018-03-20 19:36:11

Review added by Maxim

General impression, satisfaction

TerraLeads is a direct advertiser of exclusive nutra offers in the following categories: beauty, diet, health, and adult and works by a COD model, providing the highest approval rates thanks to the local call-centers with native speakers on-board. GEOs - Europe and Asia.

Payment frequency and reliability

In CPA & Affiliate Marketing sky is the limit. You can make as much as you want and that completely depends on the effort you are putting into. Let’s have a look at the other perks offered by TerraLeads that is the bonus gifts you can earn with TerraLeads. With every lead, you get a bonus T-coins, which can later be redeemed for great gifts from the TerraStore.

Customer support

Personal account manager for every partner and are available 24/7 with multilingual support.

User interface

Once you have your partners account approved & when you will login you can see a user-friendly dashboard.

Advertisers - amount, quality


Variety in partner programs and industries


Amount of new programs per month


Commission rates


Registration process

Any marketer who wants to join TerraLeads has to register for a new account at their site & confirm their email address. Every new application is reviewed by an account manager and after taking a short interview the application is approved/rejected. Application interview is very similar to any other network and all the basic questions are asked just to know the applicant and his/her experience.