2019-02-11 21:36:14

Moscow Affiliate Conference 2019

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MAC Conferences have already become the most awaited event. The number of MAC participants and companies is growing with each event. The geography of conferences is expanding. From year to year MAC team is preparing something special for its visitors. 2019 is no exception. This year has a huge number of surprises. But first things first :)

MAC19 will be bigger! Namely, it`s prepared for you:

  • 3000 participants
  • international companies and guests
  • 2 days conference
  • the most recent location
  • new place for Afterparty - we want to continue to amaze you!
  • more time to discover Moscow!
Moscow Affiliate Conference will take place on April 9-10, 2019, which means that there
will be 2 times more content, communication, events and meetings.

This year there also has become more organizers. Traffic Cardinal joined the Leadbit and STM team. All three companies know how to make a awesome event, so MAc will be even more interesting.

What is so exclusive about Moscow Affiliate Conference 2019?
Besides that it will last for 2 days with an 3000 practicing affiliate marketers & superaffiliates attending.

An opportunity to work face to face with top industry players and influencers:
  • exciting atmosphere as it used to be inside the affiliate community - small talks which can lead you to a great deal!
  • 80 international exhibitors - you would find a number of real international contacts who are willing to establish new level of good deals: all the CIS leading affiliate companies, companies from EU (Netherlands, Spain), US, Australia and even Asia (China, India).
  • the very actual business partners to cover: the strongest and new Affiliate Networks on CPA, CPA, CPC with CoD, Finance & Education, Adult & Dating, Crypto, Betting & Gambling, Mobile, Sweeps & Push offerings; the most advanced & popular Traffic Sources & Ad Networks, Browser Tools & many others.
Meet the main affiliate event of this spring!