2019-03-04 21:50:08

DatsPush is an advertising network which helps to monetize websites. Publishers friendly!


Hello, dear friends and colleagues!

Many website owners want to know how to get additional profits from their sites. That is exactly why we decided to make this little topic for publishers to let them know how to earn some income with the DatsPush network!

Datspush.com, what is it about and who are we?

DatsPush is an advertising network of Web push notifications which efficiently helps to profitably monetize websites of any themes and complexity and which also sells high-quality live traffic.

Why is it advantageous to be with us?

Because our network can make your income much significantly higher than other ad networks. Have you found a more profitable one? Write us and we will offer you a great solution you can’t refuse!

DatsPush is a completely safe and secure service!

In our network, you won’t find any suspicious partners and unreliable advertisement, since we only work with credible and dependable advertisers. All the announcements and commercials satisfies the demands of various search engines and strictly follows and fits Microsoft’s policy.

What will push notifications look like on your website:

Every time when a user visits your website, he will see an offer addressed to him to subscribe to the DatsPush promotional notifications.

Having pressed the Enable button, the user visiting the webpage automatically agrees to receiving push notifications, and after that he gets listed in the DatsPush subscribers catalogue, and also you receive a pleasant remuneration for that.

What is also worth mentioning, users will see the advertisement through their browser notifications, not on your website!

This is what the advertisement shown to your users looks like:

The advertising partner network offers three types of push notifications:

  • Mobile push ads - for mobile devices;
  • Web push ads - for desktops;
  • Rich push ads - a big picture.


Advantages for publishers:

  • A whole lot of thematic landing pages with CR up to 24%;
  • We accept all geo locations;
  • It’s very easy to configure the script;
  • CPA-based or RevShare payments (we pay you 75% of every click made by your subscriber);
  • Stable net7 payouts, but if you contact us, it’s possible to negotiate down to net1;
  • We offer prepay for the traffic to the trust companies;
  • Personal conditions for publishers with their own websites and with large amounts of traffic;
  • Convenient and easy-to-understand real-time statistics.
On all the questions of cooperation you may contact us:
Skype - live:datspush
Telegram chat - https://t.me/datspusheng
E-mail address - [email protected]
FB community: https://www.facebook.com/DatsPush