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Geozo native ads: 10 things you should know about this platform

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Geozo native ads: 10 things you should know about this platform 


Geozo, an international platform for native advertising, is driving attention with its fast growth and remarkably competitive prices. Effective ads shouldn't break the bank. Here are 10 essential things to know about this platform. Read on to discover how Geozo manages to keep affordable prices without compromising on traffic quality. 


1) Fresh traffic


As Geozo keeps growing around the world, advertisers get to try new geos almost every month. Since it's relatively new in the market, the company brings in a steady stream of new traffic. It's a smart move to give it a try now when the bidding competition isn't too fierce.


2) Affordable prices


Geozo is committed to providing competitive and affordable pricing options, making native advertising accessible to businesses of all sizes. It is possible thanks to a regular flow of fresh traffic and not overheated bidding competition, often seen on established adnetworks. 


3) Focus on native


Geozo exclusively focuses on native ads, a format renowned for its seamless integration into content, delivering a non-disruptive user experience that resonates better with audiences. Native ads overcome banner blindness and bring 85–95% more clicks than banners. Geozo makes sure your product ads stand out and grab the interest of your desired audience.


4) Expert support


Geozo offers expert assistance at every stage of your advertising journey. Whether you need help with campaign setup, optimization, or have queries about analytics, Geozo's team is there to guide you.


5) Fast moderation


Geozo's moderation process is swift and efficient, ensuring your campaigns go live quickly. Moderation team works 24/7, and it takes no longer than one hour to get your ad approved. In case your ad wasn't approved, reach out to your personal manager, who will be glad to help you make adjustments. 


6) European standards


Trust is crucial in the advertising ecosystem, and Geozo prioritizes this by partnering with trusted publishers and advertisers. Moreover, Geozo ensures its ads comply with European standards, fostering a secure and transparent environment for all sides.


7) Targeting and optimization


Geozo empowers advertisers with a range of targeting options to pinpoint their desired audience accurately. Geozo lets you target by country, device, time, category, and ad units – way more effective than just targeting websites. You can keep unwanted traffic in check with a Blacklist. You can also launch campaigns with Whitelists and tweak bids for the traffic from your chosen ad units.


8) Detailed statistics


Data is the cornerstone of successful advertising campaigns. Geozo provides advertisers with detailed statistics. With in-depth analytics, advertisers gain valuable insights into campaign performance, enabling data-driven decision-making.


9) Topping up


Topping up your account and withdrawing funds are hassle-free processes, allowing you to focus on what matters most — your advertising strategy.


10) User-friendly platform


Geozo's interface is intuitive and easy-to-use, ensuring a smooth experience for advertisers and publishers. Even those new to the world of native advertising will find it simple to create and manage campaigns.


Geozo's native advertising platform offers a unique and effective way to reach your target audience without disrupting their online experience. It's the perfect time to seize the opportunity and embrace the potential of native advertising with Geozo.


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