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Everad Gave Away 3 Cars and Other Epic Prizes!

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Everad Gave Away 3 Cars and Other Epic Prizes!

The final giveaway of our grand competition, The Wolf of Everad, has come to a close. The competition lasted a whole year, and every webmaster took part.

Over the past year our webmasters fought over the top spots to score the key prizes!


The top players already claimed their rewards — here’s what they got:

  • Top 10. Porsche 911 Carrera T;

  • Top 25. Mercedes Benz C-Class Sedan;

  • Top 50. Mini Cooper 5 Doors;

  • Top 100. Mac Studio + Apple Studio Display, PS5 + VR helm;

  • Below the Top 100. MacBook 13, iPhone 15 Pro, AirPods Pro.


Thank you, everyone, for entering the contest! We’ll keep making your work even more comfortable, ensuring your bundles generate more profits!

What’s Next?

We’re continually working to make sure our webmasters stay in shape. Although the competition is over, we’ll soon be introducing a number of updates:

  • Evers. Soon, you’ll be able to use your Evers to purchase prizes directly through a store built into your webmaster account;

  • Promo codes. We’ll be releasing new promo codes that offer additional payout boosts; 

  • Bonuses. Significant changes are coming to our bonus system.

Every webmaster will receive bonuses for approved leads every month! Register now to drive traffic and earn more with Direct Nutra Advertiser!

Stay with Everad!

The competition may be over, but there are still plenty of reasons to keep working with us:

  • In-house offers: We personally produce over 400 offers from our extensive collection;

  • GEOs. We operate in more than 45 GEOs across Europe, Asia, and Latin America;

  • High payouts. Some of our offers, including in-house ones, pay up to $49;

  • Our own call centers. Our 24/7 call centers are always ready to assist customers. Plus, we deliver certain products directly to them;

  • Blog. Our website features a blog filled with valuable information;

  • Unique features. Use our boost option in the campaign menu to increase payouts by 20%. We also provide real-time campaign data directly on the platform. 


Stay with us, we're always striving to make your work smoother and more rewarding!

In Conclusion

Thank you to everyone who participated in our competition! All top participants have already claimed their prizes, and the coming store will enable every webmaster to do the same.

Join us and start maximizing your profits. Good luck!