2018-04-27 16:33:19

5 essential things you need to know before starting campaigns with affiliate network


Affiliate marketing is a very popular and quite easy way to earn quick money, most of weaselly guys have already got extremely high profit. Why don’t you start your first ad campaign yet?!

There is a lot of information about adverts, creative ideas, target audience and profitable offers online but it’s important to find and pay attention to the really trusted sources. If you have decided to work as a publisher on the CPA market, firstly, you need to know how to choose the partner, an affiliate network.

Leadbit team has prepared some important tips for all newbie, these guys know the sense in the CPA market, popular and reliable affiliate network which suggest a wide choice of profitable offers, they know how to work with different GEOs around the world and how to begin successfully. No reasons not to trust their expert opinion.

So let’s move the things forward and go on step-by-step guide about starting on affiliate marketing.

1. Wide range of verticals – how to choose?

An affiliate network is a kind of beneficial intermediary between publishers and advertisers, which are interested in the profitable partnership.

Firstly, you need to understand what offers and verticals are on top. Nowadays, there are some opposite offers, which sometimes behave themselves in absolutely unexpected different ways:

  • Nutra

  • Mobile subscriptions

  • Gambling

  • Dating offers

  • Sweepstakes

  • Apps

  • Finance

You can earn a lot working with all of them! Mobile subscriptions and sweepstakes are gaining momentum actively, but nutra is one of the most profitable and stable verticals worldwide. It could be easy to start planning your first successful campaigns with this type of offers. Generally, most of affiliate networks make short digest about their offers, prepare the case studies and post top offers monthly, where you can find the luckiest offers, links and start working with them right now.

It’s important to have a rich selection of offers: healthy white-hat offers, adult black-hat offers, beauty – it’s better to be sure that you can choose. By the way, nutra offers are always in demand and it doesn’t matter with what GEO you work.

Choosing the affiliate network don’t forget to pay your attention to the profit:

Make sure that you sign up for programs that are profitable and generate a sufficient return on investment.

2. GEO – what is the most profitable one?

The world is yours! Don’t forget about that fact. Starting to work with an affiliate network, make sure that it may suggest you enough number of GEOs. Some networks let you work with limited number of GEOs and you can spend quite big amount of money and time on worthless GEOs.

Now the most lucrative GEO is Asia, the population of the Asian countries is big enough, moreover the Asians are really active customers and always respond to new goods and treatments which could solve their problems. Asian men worry about their man power, women always try to be young and beautiful, especially white skin is their main goal. You find more insights about Asian audience in Leadbit CPA-digest of Asian GEOs.

Europe is quite active too, don’t rule Europeans out. Beauty and Healthy offers gain appeal in hot countries such as Italy and Spain. By the way, Leadbit guys publish on their website monthly top of GEOs which really helps to stop and choose right direction.

3. High-quality support and relationships with the managers – is it so important?

Work with an international market may be quite difficult in different steps of your way to success: specific audience, different languages and features, especially in the beginning. That’s why it’s very important to partner with competent player of the market and to learn from him. Pay your attention to the services your affiliate partner is ready to provide.

You may need the quality translations of your promo, a piece of advice about urgent links, timely payouts, quality statistics and mobile communication – is your personal manager ready to help with it?

4. The community of brand

Generally, the affiliate networks with worldwide famous name are ready to give individual terms with private offers and rates. Also they make special motivating contests which let publishers earn not only the money but the luxury gifts too. Industry events organized by the company are also important if you are looking for really trusted CPA-partner. Kindly advise you to take a look at Moscow Affiliate Conference by Leadbit & STM Team

5. Don’t waste your time – just set up the first ad campaign!

You have found an affiliate network which has a lot of profitable offers, suggests you a wide choice of GEOs: Asia, Europe, USA etc., high rates for leads, personal managers there know the best links and ready to give you a piece of advice, some help with translations your promo and private offers. Everything is brilliant!

It’s time to start your first campaign and earn money!

Some tips for your first campaign:

  • Choose an offer. For the first time stop for a popular offer, which shows nice results and high conversion. Don’t choose unpopular offers, the time of the experiments will be later ;) Check possible tops and ask your manager for an advice. They usually tell newbie checked statistics.

  • Choose GEO. Start with a GEO with a lot of possibilities. But don’t pay your attention to the overcrowded GEOs at first. Check the features of the citizens of the country to know about the market. Also, don’t forget about the translations of your promo. It’s true that ads which are on the local language are more trusted than ads in English. Don’t be spared to the money, right investments will bring you more.

  • Choose the traffic source. Most of publishers use Facebook to promote the goods but sometimes it can be the problem for the newbies because it’s the source for advanced guys. Leadbit recommends to start with advertising networks, international ad nets give a big amount of traffic too not less than Facebook, sometimes even more.

By the way, professional affiliate networks always try to find the bonuses and discounts for their partners, ask your manager if he has a nice bonus with discount or cashback for your first deposit in ad networks etc.

  • Make some promo. Check out the teasers and assets of your colleagues, try to generate your own creative ideas, your knowledge of the target audience and local market should help you.

  • Target precisely, choose the future customers wisely. This step is one of the most important in this list. In this case, your managers can help you too, they know the target audience well and able to draw your attention to the meaningful directions.

  • As for your first investments, don’t think that $100 are enough. It’s possible that first $50 will bring you some leads but don’t hope that. Usually newbie should be ready to spend more if they want to get more.


Affiliate marketing is exactly one of the easiest and fastest ways to earn crazy money. Firstly, you have to be a lucky and risky person, who is ready to work a lot and spend enough time for analytics.

Secondly, you should be ready to work with great amount of the information and be able to optimize your great ideas.

And the last thing, reliable partner and helpful personal manager are very important people in your successful way, that’s why choose them wisely.