Crypto Crash Fortune (Italy)

Affiliate Program Details

  • status: active
  • currency: USD
  • update: 2019-06-29
  • payout: $480
  • model: Sale
  • start: Thu, 25 Apr 2019 14:52:03 CDT
  • web: Yes
  • ppv: Yes
  • networks: Yes
  • contextual: Yes
  • peer group: traditional
  • approval: No
  • reporting: Realtime

Affiliate Program Description

The latest crypto offer is out! Get it while it's HOT! Get Crypto Crash Fortune early to make the most out of it, before people start creating cheap rip-offs all around the internet.

Unique Offer Points for targeting the 'crashing' crypto craze:
-an angle that works even when the prices are falling
-a great, unique and professional sales video with native voiceovers
-eye catching texts that grab customer attention
-a website optimized for all devices

Top Performing Traffic Sources is FaceBook, Google, Native, Push notifications.

3 Step Conversion Flow Explained:
1. User Submits their Unique Valid Email.
2. User submits their Unique Valid Personal Information.
3. User Submits their first payment (FTD) - min. deposit $250
No incent or co-registration traffic!

No use of Brands in the ads: (Facebook, etc)

Use of words such as “instant winners, gifts, claim, Free”.

All custom creatives must be submitted for review prior to use.