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  • status: inactive
  • currency: USD
  • update: 2024-05-10

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Affiliate Program Description

Earn a lifetime revenue share of 50% with the ArbitrageScanner Affiliate Program.

We invite you to join the Affiliate Program and receive monthly passive income in the amount of 50% of the sold tariff through your referral link.

You will receive a commission every month as long as the user renews the bot. Based on averages, ArbitrageScanner affiliates earn between $1000 for 20 invited users, $400 for 10 invited users. If you want to earn passive income, join ArbitrageScanner and share it with your friends. - cryptocurrency arbitrage bot that works without an API request. You can track price differences between 75+CEX, 25 DEX, 40 blockchains and add any other platform token to track. The only bot in the world that tracks the difference between DEX exchanges where spreads reach 30-40% on large coins.

Arbitrage Screener is a tool that will be a great option for beginners with little capital. How does it work? You buy a coin on one exchange and then transfer it to another exchange where the price is higher. You sell the coin on the second exchange and earn on the price difference. You can make up to 150 transactions per day on different coins and the income can reach up to 130% per day. The service team gives free detailed training to its clients.

For example, after the Curve Finance exchange was hacked, the CRV price difference between CEX exchanges was over 600%. ArbitrageScanner clients immediately received notifications from the screener, quickly bought the coin on Uniswap for $0.1 and sold it on Binance for $0.65. One of the clients made $130,000 in 2 hours. The bot users had a big advantage because they were the first to know about the price difference, and within 15 minutes all exchanges closed deposits and withdrawals.

ArbitrageScanner Message is a tool that allows you to find news through your keywords in Telegram/Twitter. This service allows you to find out news from the world of cryptocurrencies before they are published in the media.

Why is Arbitrage Scanner the best bot?
- Supports over 75 DEX and CEX (international, local in each country)
- Security. Manual bot with no API request, so all your capital is safe
Trade notifications are sent every 4 seconds, so you will always know about changes in the market. You can choose any coin and any exchange to follow.
Screener that looks for bundles between exchanges and sends notifications about the difference. You can earn up to 80% per day without holding tokens for a long time.
- ArbitrageScanner Message. A tool that allows you to get the latest market insights on the projects you are interested in, thanks to tracking chats in TG and Twitter on specific keys.
- Personal mentor when you pay for the Expert plan, who will customize the bot on a turnkey basis and answer all your questions.
- WhiteLabel - you can buy a bot license starting from $19999. Ready-made IT solutions that you can implement in your own business or launch in any other region and you get 100% of the sales. Setting up the service on your website is turnkey and included in the price. A great solution for those who dream of starting their own business but do not know where to start.