Adam & Eve

Affiliate Program Details

  • status: active
  • epc: 3.93
  • 7 day epc: 3.83
  • 30 day epc: 5.64
  • currency: USD
  • update: 2022-06-25
  • payout: Click up to $0.10
  • start: 2017-08-10
  • allow incentive sites: No
  • allow coupon sites: No

Affiliate Program Description

Adam & Eve Campaign where users click on product links sending them to the product landing page so they can purchase that product or others. Affiliates will only be paid if they use product-oriented links (i.e., those that utilize lc_pid). This campaign pays out a variable click commission based on the link you use from the product feed or link manager. These click commissions are estimated and can be adjusted by the merchant at any point up until they are validated and funded.