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CPS affiliate network that has been here for a very long time. Lots of very well-known digital product offers.

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Established in 2006, Digital River's oneNetworkDirect affiliate network was developed with the goal of driving traffic for Digital River commerce customers and being a top affiliate network for affiliates around the world. As oneNetworkDirect has grown we've established strong relationships with top merchants & affiliates. The addition of our DirectStream product catalog technology has allowed our total product count to reach over 400,000 titles.

Lately slightly overshadowed by younger competition, OneNetworkDirect still offers a powerful collection of respected digital products ready to be sold through your website.
There are three levels of affiliate programs based on earned commission.
Minimal payment - 35$, transfered monthly.

Tools & Features

  • - Coupons
  • - Datafeeds
  • - API
  • - SubID Privacy
  • - Popup/Popunder Programs
  • - Banner Rotation


  • + Low minimal payment threshold
  • + High quality digital product offers

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Customer support

User interface

Advertisers - amount, quality

Variety in partner programs and industries

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