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Very attractive european network with a convincing pro-user concept. Instant payout with no minimal threshold.

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Click2Sell has lots of unique features to offer.
- The sign up for both the merchants and affiliates is free (they are not separate accounts).
- Advertisers and publishers can communicate with each other.
- True multicurrency support. You receive commissions in the currency of your choice, not necessarily the currency in which product is bought.
- Referral cookies can be active for 6months (you will still get commission if a user buys a product 6 months after clicking the referral link).
- Efficient merchant rating system (with the Hall of Shame)
- There is no minimal payment threshold (!) and money can be transferred at any given time via paypal, moneybookers, google checkout and many other popular services.
Physical products as well as digital and subscriptions are available among the affiliate programs.

Tools & Features

  • - Direct link to product checkout page
  • - Quick affiliate links
  • - Tracking channels
  • - Real-time reports


  • + True multicurrency support
  • + Referral cookies active for 6 months
  • + Publishers can contact advertisers
  • + No minimal payment threshold

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