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Dating affiliate network with exclusive offers

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AffSub2 Network is a fast growing CPA network based on personal experience by teams of marketers and media buyers.

We have maistream dating
adult dating offers
and sweepstakes

Why Affiliates choose AffSub2:

- Experienced and responsible managers
- Individual payment period. From NET 15 to NET 0;
- Your own Smart-link, exclusive and only direct offers;
- AffSub2 guarantees the confidentiality of each of its partners and their campaing
- Bonuses, rewards, gifts and parties from AffSub2.



  • + smartlinks
  • + withdrawal to cryptocurrency wallets
  • + weekly payment
  • + exclusive offers

Affsub2 Average Rating

General impression, satisfaction 1

Payment frequency and reliability 0.5

Customer support 0.5

User interface 3

Advertisers - amount, quality 3

Variety in partner programs and industries 3

Amount of new programs per month 1

Commission rates 2

Registration process 4

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Affsub2 Reviews & Ratings

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