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Dolphin{tt} is the only tool on the market for automating work with TIkTok. Mass launch, delete, create and stop ADS. Change budgets and campaign rates. Control budget spending, account balances. All statistics in one window. Forget routine, focus only on profits!

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* Integration with trackers
* Flexible filter settings
* Set up custom columns
* Export csv, xls, pdf
* Export information about the next billing

* Create team roles
* 3 available roles: Admin, Team Lead, Buyer.
* Assigning resources to each team member
* Check statistics of each team member
* Transfer resources between team members

Manage ads
* Manage and duplicate campaigns, adsets and ads
* Tag campaigns and ads
* Create own auto-rules
* Bulk pixel creation
* Attach cards, top-up balance

Affiliate program
* 15% referral reward from all users lifetime payments.
* Openness to cooperation and collaboration

Auto-ads creation and other features
* We carefully monitor the feedback.


Tools & Features

  • - Statistics
  • - Teamwork
  • - Manage ads
  • - Affiliate program
  • - Auto-ads creation and other features


  • + Entire data in on window. With Dolphin there is no need to log intro different TikTok profiles to control budget spending, entire data is available in one window
  • + Manage and duplicate campaigns. Dolphin offers easy way to stop, start, create copies of advertising campaigns, as well as manage the budget.
  • + Flexible capability to manage team. Convenient system for issuing access rights for team members to different accounts.
  • + Auto rules creation. Dolphin offers you possibility to create auto-rules to track as spend and efficiency.
  • + Mass launch of ad campaigns.

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