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Dolphin is a tool that allows you to automate your advertising processes on Facebook. The tool allows you to create, start, analyze and edit an unlimited number of advertising campaigns. Previously a separate browser was required for each account, but now all management is done from a single window.

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Manage ads
* Launch and stop campaigns, adsets and ads from diffirent ad accounts in one tab
* Duplication and deleting
* Change budget and bid cap
* Get notified in Telegram about important events and changes in your ad acounts and campaigns
* 4 available positions: Admin, Team Lead, Buyer, Farmer
* Statistics on the expense, income and profit of each team member
* Transferring accounts between team members
* Isolated workspaces for Buyer and Farmer

Bulk actions on accounts
* Create pixel
* Create Fan page
* Attach a bank card
* Apply saved automated rules for ad accounts
* Turn off notifications on Fan page and ad accounts
* Change the billing info of ad accounts
* Statistics for all accounts and team members in one tab
* Flexible filtration system
* Information about the next billing on ad account
* Export to Excel, CSV and PDF
* Display campaign earnings from postback
Mass launch of ad campaigns
* Create a saved bundle on server
* Launch bundles in few clicks on dozens of accounts
* Auto-uniqueization of creatives
* Launch of ad campaigns of apps with naming
* The software will be installed on users own server
* All data is stored only on users server
* No one has access to users bundles
* Complete data privacy
* Automated moderation of comments on all ads
* Manual comment moderation
* Moderation by stop-words
* Integration with Keitaro tracker
* Integration with Binom tracker
* Receive postback
Affiliate program
* 15% referral reward from all users lifetime payments. Perfect opportunity offer for those who make money on referral links
* Openness to cooperation and collaboration


Tools & Features

  • - Manage ads
  • - Teamwork
  • - Bulk actions on accounts
  • - Statistics
  • - Mass launch of ad campaigns
  • - Privacy
  • - Comments
  • - Integration
  • - Affiliate program


  • + Entire data in one window
  • + Manage and duplicate campaigns
  • + Flexible capability to manage team
  • + Apply automated rules for account
  • + Comments moderation

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