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Dr.cash is a global affiliate network specializing in the nutra vertical. Our 24/7 friendly & professional support will always give recommendations on offers for your traffic source, advise newbies on what to start with and provide you with the top landing and pre-landing pages with the highest conversion rates.

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- 2,200+ Nutra Offers
- 50 Beauty and Health Niches
- 100+ GEOs with Trial, SS, and COD flow
- 11,000+ Registered Partners
- Payments up to twice a day
- In-house platform with top analytics tools
- Direct Advertisers with best conditions
- Convenient general rating of offers, which are detailed for each country and niche

The conversion target in dr.cash is a confirmed order (customers should fill in only 2 fields and confirm an order by phone). Payouts are 4$ -70$ depending on the offer. The average approve level is 25-45% (depends on your traffic source).

All goods are accompanied by documents with information about manufacturers and certification checks. For each offer there are several options of professionally designed landings and prelandings. Payouts are possible on webmoney or paypal. Minimum payment is $50.

Register at dr.cash:
- No interview or approval required
- The process will take less than 1 minute!

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Tools & Features

  • - API
  • - Postback URL
  • - Domain parking


  • + Direct advertisers
  • + In-house tracking platform
  • + 100+ GEOs
  • + Payments up to twice a day
  • + 24/7 professional support
  • + Experts in nutra
  • + Permanently renovating high-quality landings and prelanders


  • - Trust 2 years
  • - Few affiliate tools

Dr.cash Average Rating

General impression, satisfaction 5.5

Payment frequency and reliability 6

Customer support 5.5

User interface 6

Advertisers - amount, quality 6

Variety in partner programs and industries 5

Amount of new programs per month 5

Commission rates 6

Registration process 6

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