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Wide Markets

A non traditional affiliate network that creates its own products identifying interest groups and focusing on eCommerce. In results they drive the highest AUV to advertisers, and publishers enjoy a native method to monetize their online content.

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Wide Markets identifies high targeted consumer groups in the eCommerce industry, based on their interests and behaviors.

We approach them with our own developed products which results on giving very high Average-User-Value for our advertisers. In the other hand, publishers benefits from a native method to monetize their online assets finding higher conversion rates.

Additionally, Wide Markets developed a Trusted Sites program for online stores that checks reputation and competence of the advertiser to provide users with an extra security layer, increasing transparency and trustworthy. Again, in results it means more conversions for advertisers and publishers.

Tools & Features

  • - Long time cookies
  • - Optimazed and relevant ads
  • - Trusted sites program
  • - Innovative and relevant publishers
  • - Creatives solution
  • - Cross channel advertiseing ability


  • + Payment frequency: monthly / bimonthly / weekly
  • + Accelerated / garanted payments
  • + Dedicated Monetizing Specialist
  • + Professional inhousse optimizasion
  • + High user value for advertisers
  • + A native methods to monetize publishers content


  • - High minimal payment treshold 250$
  • - Payout channels: only wire transfer available

Wide Markets Average Rating

General impression, satisfaction 5.75

Payment frequency and reliability 5.5

Customer support 6

User interface 4.75

Advertisers - amount, quality 5

Variety in partner programs and industries 5.5

Amount of new programs per month 5

Commission rates 6

Registration process 5.75

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Wide Markets Reviews & Ratings

not much but very good quality advertisers.
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Martin s.

no comment given
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