LINKPROFIT is the performance network (CPA, СРА, CPI CPC) operating on its own platform JAB.
LINKPROFIT helps clients to run a desktop or mobile advertising campaigns. At the same time, payment is made only for quality actions, confirmed by the advertiser.

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LINKPROFIT is the performance network (CPA, СРА, CPI CPC) operating on its own platform JAB. Combining capabilities with dedicated service and advanced optimization and offering smart technology solutions and a personalized approach to advertising, LINKPROFIT ensure high revenues for publishers and a advertising solutions for advertisers
Founded in 2013, LINKPROFIT has more than 20000 publishers, 200 advertisers, 700 the successful cases, 500 offers, 70+ employees.
Payments: Yandex.Money, QIWI, VISA, MasterCard, WebMoney, PayPal, Pioneer.
Minimum Payment: no
Payment Frequency: Bi-weekly (twice a month)
Referral system: no

Tools & Features

  • - Option to create separate channels for user traffic;
  • - The ability to track metrics for individual campaigns;
  • - The creation of direct links to advertising;
  • - Creation of deeplinks to the advertiser's resources;
  • - Various formats for creating banners;
  • - Unlimited number of subaccounts;
  • - Traffic back URL;
  • - Parking of domains;
  • - Unified financial application.


  • + More than 200 advertiser;
  • + More than 20000 publishers;
  • + Flexible terms of cooperation and premium service.
  • + Detailed and transparent form of statistics;
  • + Fast and qualified support;
  • + Own tracking platform;
  • + Exclusive offers in different verticals;
  • + Many different advertising formats;
  • + High and stable payments;
  • + Possibility of early payment upon request;

LINKPROFIT Average Rating

General impression, satisfaction 5.875

Payment frequency and reliability 5.25

Customer support 5.75

User interface 5.125

Advertisers - amount, quality 5.5

Variety in partner programs and industries 5.125

Amount of new programs per month 5

Commission rates 5.5

Registration process 5.375

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One of the worthy networks in finance i know working on Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia
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Patrick V.

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Андрей Плотский

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