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Affiliate program for monetization of mobile traffic with pay per install.

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SuperMediaAds - affiliate program for monetization of mobile traffic with pay per install. The company works with 2015. Coverage-the whole world. More than 50% of proposals focused on foreign countries.
Tools for webmasters:
SuperMediaAds offers offers from almost all countries of the world under the traffic of mobile devices (iOS and Android). There are exclusive offers which are not available in other affiliate programs. Each offer is focused on a particular geographic region. A lot of paid applications have landing pages and banners.
How to make money:
To start earning, the webmaster need to choose the offer (by subject and region) and source of traffic. The webmaster places an ad, if it passes the user and performs the installation of the application , the affiliate receives a reward.
How much can you earn:
For each installation, which was done by the user who clicked on your link, the advertiser pays a fixed amount. Rates from 0.12$ to 5$
Payments :
The schedule of payments is individual for each webmaster.
Webmoney - $25.00 or 1,000 rubles.
Paypal - $200.
A transfer to a cash card - $100 (up tp $500).
Bank transfer is $1,000 or 70,000 rubles. Banking commission is divided between a sender and recipient.


Tools & Features

  • - api


  • + If you have any question - no problem. Quick support via e-mail and Skype
  • + Best prices
  • + High-quality traffic
  • + Individual repayment schedule
  • + Users around the world


  • - very few offers

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