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Epom Affiliate Network

Epom Affiliate Network is an affiliate marketing solution that will allow publishers to discover reputable brands and advertisers that they would like to work with. The network provides thorough support in the search of relevant offers and ad placement within the publisher’s site and/or apps.

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Epom Affiliate Network brings a comprehensive list of features to brands and affiliate marketers around the world. The affiliate network offers deep targeting functionality, cross-channel performance optimization, and aims to facilitate the process of connecting new and experienced affiliate marketers with reputable brands and advertisers from around the world.

With clients and advertisers from over 140 countries and over 800 direct offers, Epom Affiliate Network is a one-stop-shop for affiliate marketers who want to find affiliate offers that will be relevant to their interests, their mobile site or app, and their target audience.

The affiliate network provides thorough support to each and every publisher, ensuring that they are provided with relevant affiliate offers and their marketing needs are met.


Tools & Features

  • - Banner Tools, Display Tool, Share Tool, Exit Tool, Banner, App


  • + Deep targeting
  • + Global and local campaigns
  • + Advanced fraud protection
  • + Large choice of mobile web and in-app campaigns
  • + Over 800 direct offers
  • + Real-Time analytics with minimal discrepancies
  • + Fast and helpful support


  • - Limited choice of desktop campaigns
  • - $100 payment threshold (earnings accumulate and carry over)

Epom Affiliate Network Average Rating

General impression, satisfaction 5.166666666666667

Payment frequency and reliability 5.666666666666667

Customer support 6

User interface 5.166666666666667

Advertisers - amount, quality 5.666666666666667

Variety in partner programs and industries 5.333333333333333

Amount of new programs per month 5.5

Commission rates 5.166666666666667

Registration process 5.166666666666667

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Epom Affiliate Network Reviews & Ratings

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